Tales from a Little Blu Bunny – Part 2 and Adriana 2019 [FullHD 1920x1080] [1.28 GB] (Punished Brats)

Tales from a Little Blu Bunny – Part 2 and Adriana 2019 [FullHD 1920x1080] [1.28 GB] (Punished Brats)

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4. Why are your pants down? Upon his arrival home, Skyler’s husband was greeted with the image of Adriana on the couch with her red bottom exposed. Upon inquiring as to what offence put her in such a state, she admitted that she had been smoking weed in the house. With that, the bare bottomed girl found herself over her cousins’s husband’s lap and on the receiving end of a hard spanking by hand and hairbrush. Adriana was spanked until Skyler’s husband felt that his wife’s cousin had learned the seriousness of her offence. Once her spanking ceased, she was made to kneel on the couch, upon which she had been disciplined, with her red and bare bottom on display. 5. Misuse of Medical Marijuana Adriana was called into the living room by her cousin Skyler. It seems that Skyler had looked at Adriana’s browsing history and learned that she was buying cannabis pills over the internet. Suddenly, Adriana found herself over the lap of her cousin, for a spanking. This spanking started with several hard smacks to the seat of her jeans, then on her panties. When Adriana didn’t seem to be getting the message, down came her underpants and now her bare bottom was under assault by Skyler’s hard hand and hairbrush. As the hairbrush came down time and time again on her bare naked bottom, Adriana promised to not indulge in the forbidden use of contraband ever again. Then, she was made to remain in position on the couch, to await the return of Skyler’s husband, who had promised to give her a severe strapping if she were to violate the house rules again. 6. The strap as promised After Skyler had finished spanking her bratty cousin for the misuse of medical marijuana, she called her husband David. When last he had spanked Adriana for this very same offence, he promised her a hard strapping should this behavior be repeated. Adriana was instructed to be prepared for her punishment before he arrived home. When David entered the room, Adriana was kneeling on the couch with her pants and panties lowered. She looked back with great trepidation as David approached. Soon, the house echoed with Adriana’s cries as the strap landed time and again on the girl’s bare bottom. Adriana’s bare bottom was strapped by David until he was sure that she was sorry for her poor behavior. After her strapping was at an end, Cousin Skyler came into the room to rub it in; literally. She applied a soothing roll-on gel to Adriana’s sore, welted bottom.

Time: 00:58:08
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Rare Spanking Download - Tales from a Little Blu Bunny – Part 2 and Adriana 2019 [FullHD 1920x1080] [1.28 GB]

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