The Painful Journey Home 2020 [FullHD 1920x1080] [929 MB] (UniversalSpanking)

The Painful Journey Home 2020 [FullHD 1920x1080] [929 MB] (UniversalSpanking)

Genres: Spanking M/F, Bdsm, Kiki Cali, Universal Spanking and Punishments

After all of the speculation in “Strict House Rules” and “Born to Be Sore”, we finally find out that Mr. Kinter is in fact Kiki’s real Dad! It’s shocking news after all that they’ve been through. At the same time, Kiki’s mom has made strides in her life and she can now go back home to her if she wants to. After given the option of living with her new Dad or going back to live at her previous home, she decides that she wants to stay with her new Dad! Mr. Kinter makes it clear though that if Kiki stays she’s going to take a spanking punishment that she has coming to her for the defiance that she had shown previously! Kiki agrees to the punishment and she goes right over her Dad’s knee for an old fashioned spanking. The girl is given strict smacks as her bottom turns a nice shade of red, she’s also informed that she’ll be getting swats with the wooden paddle later! First though, Kiki’s bottom is bared and she gets swats with a leather paddle, they burn her buns, but they’re well deserved. Next, Kiki is made to strip entirely and she’s put on notice that any future spankings will also be given to the girl when she has fully stripped! The final part of this punishment has Kiki in a very exposed position off the corner of the bed and she is given swats with a wooden paddle! Mr. Kinter believes in firm corporal punishment and that’s exactly what Kiki was given. In fact, Kiki admits to her new Dad that she hasn’t had much discipline in life so far, perhaps the girl respects her Dad for caring enough to tan her behind during the times that she needs it most?

Time: 00:15:52
Quality: FullHD 1920x1080
Format: MPEG-4
File Size: 929 MB

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