Real Discipline for Zoe part 1 2020 [FullHD 1920x1080] [529 MB] (Aaaspanking)

Real Discipline for Zoe part 1 2020 [FullHD 1920x1080] [529 MB] (Aaaspanking)

Genres: Spanking M/F, Aaaspanking, Michael Stamp, Zoe Page

Zoe Page and her husband, Michael Stamp, kindly agreed to appear in this special real discipline film for us recently during our stay in Spain. However, Michael just didn’t know how bratty his wife would be… or the repercussions that would follow. Here is their story: We nearly called this film “The sore ass for the Thesaurus” as you will soon discover… Zoe is impatient, wanting to go out, it’s a beautiful end to the day… but Michael is looking up some words in his trusted thesaurus which Zoe finds incredibly boring. In the act of taking the book away from him, she rips a page, and further pages are torn once she realizes just how upset he gets! What a brat… he drags her across his knee, stunned that his precious book has been defiled! Zoe continues to brat and plays a dangerous game placed over his lap, abusing the book further as she throws a tantrum. The spankings soon begin and it isn’t long before her sore bare bottom is given further hard slaps turning her cheeks a deep red. Zoe’s continued bratting earns her a leather paddling across his lap, as Michael discovers the thick implement wedged in the sofa from their last discipline encounter. Zoe hates this paddle, and it shows as she gasps and cries in pain as the paddle further reddens her bare wriggling bottom. This young madam is humiliated and embarrassed by the end of this spanking as she is made to pick up the torn pages and place them in the book to give back to her husband before they are due to go out. This evening will be interesting!

Time: 00:07:08
Quality: FullHD 1920x1080
Format: MPEG-4
File Size: 529 MB

Rare Spanking Download - Real Discipline for Zoe part 1 2020 [FullHD 1920x1080] [529 MB]

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