Extreme Part 1 and Tiki 2020 [SD 640x480] [137 MB]

Extreme Part 1 and Tiki 2020 [SD 640x480] [137 MB]

Genres: Spanking M/F, Princess Tiki

Listing Description: This is part one of a 30 minute severe punishment I gave Tiki in front of twenty strangers at a spanking party. I had already punished her the night before in front of others and decided that when she acted up during the day, that I would make this spanking a one she would never forget. Since I still talk to her all the time…trust me she hasn’t. I start off in part one with a hard Patterson single-tail whip over her jeans. I then make her pull down her jeans for a bare bottomed whipping! I move on to a hundred-year-old cowboy’s cattle-driving whip on the bare! Then moving on to an American prison strap. This is fourteen minutes of rescued and remastered footage that was lost as the tape had broken down. I did some restoration magic and now this twenty-one year old punishment is yours for the disciplinary pleasure only a real punishment like this can deliver sometimes.

Time: 00:14:00
Quality: SD 640x480
Format: MPEG-4
File Size: 137 MB

Rare Spanking Download - Extreme Part 1 and Tiki 2020 [SD 640x480] [137 MB]

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